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Starting another episode of Brazil, this time I (Vinicius) left São Paulo and visited a fantastic city, Curitiba (also known as the Smile City), the capital of the state of Parana.

I spent a few days there bacause of work. I looked for places out of the ordinary to have a little fun after work. But to start, let me show you the coolest hotel in town: Full Jazz.


Rua Silveira Peixoto, 1297 – Batel, Curitiba
Daily rate: R$ 300,00

The hotel theme is Jazz, its rooms and corridors are decorated according to that. In the hotel bar there are jazz shows periodically. There is a jazz cd for sale, a compilation of the best soundtracks, just asks in the front desk.

hotel slaviero


Avenida Vicente Machado, 2786 – Batel, Curitiba
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 7pm until midnight
10-course tasting menu: R$ 115,00

After another whole day of work, I was starving.

The restaurant recommended for the 1st night was the amazing Poco Tapas. It has a refined molecular gastronomy (which is the act of cooking deconstructing the ingredients through chemical and physical studies); the originality of the dishes was surprising.


I asked for the tasting menu, which is a great choice to discover the various dishes that the restaurant offers at a very fair price. One after the other, the dishes are served, it is possible to see the creativity placed in each one of them, sharpening the taste. For example, a a grape flavored foam, a bottle with orange steam to harmonize with the plate and even a dessert that bursts into smoke in your mouth when chewed, named Dragon Breath. Indeed an unique experience.


Avenida Sete de Setembro, s/n – Batel, Curitiba

For an energizing morning, I decided to visit the famous Japan square, around Batel neighborhood.

With the 2nd largest Japanese community in Brazil, Curitiba is home to a rich culture, also found in this vast Japanese garden with 30 cherry trees, 6 lakes and 14 thousand squared meters of pure dedication. The place is spotless.

Through a partnership with the Japanese government, the cherry trees, a Buddha and a lantern carved in stone were sent from Japan, that along with an oriental house, assembles the ideal setting for a peaceful and energizing walk.



Rua Mateus Leme, 950 – Centro Cívico, Curitiba
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 5:30 pm until 1:30 am. Friday and Saturday (and holiday eves) from 5:30 pm until 2:30 am.
Brew your own beer: R$ 650,00 – Monday to Friday, groups up to 5 people


With a menu full of beers of all types and tastes, the HOP’N ROLL is a lively place for those who want to eat and drink well.

Besides enjoying a nice beer, there is something much more interesting: you and your friends can make your OWN BEER, you get to have a class with the brewmaster of the place, you will have full control of the mashing and even produce your own label for the beer.

And do not forget to honor Parana state having some of the delicious local beers.


Loja Cabral – Rua Munhoz da Rocha, 596
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 2 pm until 10 pm. Saturday from 3 pm until 9 pm.


Tired to go out partying? Then a great choice is the elegant Tesoros de Cuba, a cigar with a big stock of cigars varieties, rums, bourbons etc, all of the best quality.

With a well-trained staff and a nice decoration, the place is great for a happy hour with friends or even to go alone, for an introspective moment.

As there is no food menu, they maintain partnerships with several nearby restaurants that make quick deliveries. As I was in Curitiba, I ordered a burguer from Madero, a famous restaurant, it was delicious!

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